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I have worked with hundreds of musicians on projects. I’d like to share some highlights here with you.

I recorded and mixed the EP “Human Being Things” by Caleb Stine and Nick Sjostrom, available on Bandcamp. I also provided arrangement and orchestration for two of the tracks (“Human Beings” and “Travels with Charley”). My mixes of “When the World Turned Upside Down” and “Human Beings” are also featured in Caleb Stine’s brilliant 2022 album, Outlaw in your Mind, also available on Bandcamp.

I recorded, mixed, and mastered the album Hearing Stars by CNSNC Collective and Bergamot Quartet. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or support the artists and buy the album on Bandcamp, where you can download at CD quality.

My production of Jordan Chase’s composition, “In Realms of Passing Dreams,” performed by John Marcel Williams. I recorded, mixed, and edited the audio and video, with additional camera operation by Noah Tingen.

My 3-camera production of WeSingHope Organization’s live concert performance of Schubert’s 2nd Piano Trio in E-flat major. I recorded the audio and video live with assistance from Lara Villanueva and provided the client with a creative mix, video edit, and color grade.

My 2-camera production of BSO principal clarinetist YaoGuang Zhai and Hai Jin’s live concert perfomance of “Jiangan in Misty Rain.” I recorded the audio and video live at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in and applied a basic mix and color grade.

My 3-camera filming of the Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra’s live concert performance at Keystone Korner in Baltimore. Audio recorded and mixed by Emmett Reed. I mastered the audio, operated the gimbal shots, and edited and color graded the video.

I recorded and mixed the following samples:

Orchestral Sample 1 – Copland: Symphony No. 3, from Mvt. I, performed by the TMCO in 2018, Stefan Asbury Conducting. Property of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, used with permission.
Orchestral Sample 2 – Adès: Asyla, from Mvt. 3, performed by the TMCO in 2019, Thomas Adès Conducting.
Jazz Sample 1 – Todd Marcus: from “Gridlock,” bass clarinet, piano, bass, drums, and strings (overdubbed). Property of Todd Marcus, used with permission.
Jazz Sample 2 – Todd Marcus: “Waiting,” ballad excerpt including clarinet, bass, and piano solos. Clarinet, bass clarinet (overdubbed), piano, bass, and drums.

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