Andrew Bohman Recording, LLC

Classically trained.

Forwardly focused.

Whether you’re playing old music in a fresh way, or sharing something new with the world, I make musicians sound and look good in recordings.

As a musician first, I make sure your best performances are preserved intentionally and creatively, whether it’s for a track on your album or a video of your concert.

With a Master’s degree in Audio Sciences from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, two summers working audio at the Tanglewood Music Festival, and years of experience with various clients in the Baltimore/DC area, I know how to record classical and jazz music well.

As a composer myself, I care about making new music happen—and new music can mean contemporary compositions, rediscovered works that were left behind for no good reason, and the tried-and-true classics imbued with new life by skilled, thoughtful performers.



Before I press record, I value your trust and comfort. Communication, punctuality, flexibility, and expediency are my business priorities. As the performer, you shouldn’t have to focus on anything but creating your music.


To me, a great recording should not just be an accurate capture of an event— it should be a larger-than-life sonic experience. I strive to produce clear recordings that draw listeners into your musical space.


As a composer myself, I understand that the music always comes first. I care just as much about fulfilling your artistic vision as you do, and I will do whatever is possible to achieve that goal with you.

Recording Services

Andrew Bohman Recording, LLC offers:

  • High-resolution, on-location multitrack audio recording for any genre of music, with a specialization in classical, contemporary classical, jazz, and folk music.
  • Single- or multi-camera, high-resolution video production of live classical or jazz performances and music videos, including video editing and color grading.
  • Single- or multi-camera live streaming services for musical performances.
  • Discreet, undetectable audio editing to assemble the finest takes into one performance.
  • Advanced background noise removal to keep distracting sounds out of recordings.
  • Detailed, thoughtful mixing for single tracks, albums, or entire concerts.
  • Mastering for music mixed by other engineers, or myself.
  • In addition to stereo audio recording, I can record classical music for immersive audio formats.

I also compose music…

My roots are in music composition, and I haven’t given that up just because my day job is engineering. I still write music, and can employ those skills not only to write original music, but to help bring your music to life through orchestration, scoring, and arrangement.